2015-03-21 17:11:03 by Alph4TG

Not submitting to the portal since it's not a complete original song.  But here's a remix I did of my favorite theme from one of my favorite Pokemon games!


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2015-03-21 17:40:53

My Rating: 9/10 stars

I love Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Miror B.'s battle theme is one of my favorite battle themes, and I love what you did to it. Miror B. would be proud. However, I can't help but think that it somehow lost the "oomph" of the original. I mean, the soul of the soundtrack is still there, but the invigorating spirit of it is not. I feel that the changing the genre of music for the soundtrack may have done that, since there was more instruments in the original song while this remix mainly seems to have only one instrument. Regardless I really enjoyed listening to the remix and I wish you good luck on other songs.

Alph4TG responds:

Yeah, I can see how the funky vibe was lost in remixing this one. I kinda felt that while making it, so I decided I might as well make it as different as I could! Thanks for listening :-)