So long...?

2015-05-16 02:37:08 by Alph4TG

HEY!  So.  Um.  Ima just cut to the chase here: I'm thinking about leaving Newgrounds soon.  I love this site, as well as the talent that it unearths, but lately I've felt like using it has become a sort of... chore, for lack of a better term.  I suppose the "it is what you make it" principle comes into play here, since I haven't been all too active around the Portals, and quite simply, I haven't been making much out of my time here.  It might be time to step away.

I'll be sure to upload my final NG track here by the end of this month, but I'm not making any promises for the future.  Don't be surprised if I disappear for a while.


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2015-05-16 22:42:11

pft literally do exactly what you feel like doing, maybe not even leave but just like take a break or something like that so you can focus on other stuff. and then when you come back it'll almost feel like it's new or refreshing lol :>, i feel the same way about social media sites sometimes, until i realized "oh i can sort of stop doing this and come back whenever"