Entry #17

activity + commentary

2015-06-07 20:46:14 by Alph4TG

i should probably talk about this, huh.

the other day i upped a song called seismic to the audio portal!  this would've been the last song i would ever post to newgrounds, except some kind strangers turned me around.  i've now resolved to not abandon this place, but just to lower its priority, if that makes any sense.  i'm probably not gonna be doing more reviews or comments anymore, but i'll still stick around to post a song or two when i remember.

as for the song......  i originally wrote it while on a "worlds rush" (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXRh_v-nR8I&feature=youtu.be&t=171).  i loved the juxtaposition of harshness with beauty in this song, and i wanted to emulate it.  certainly it's not much compared to the master himself (mine's mostly just distortion vs. arps), but i'm proud of it nonetheless!

for those that stuck with me until now, thanks so much!  since i'm just gonna be a ghost on here now, feel free to follow me on soundcloud 'n twitter, i'm gonna be much more active over there from now on.



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