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New stuff!!

2014-05-26 13:17:46 by Alph4TG

New tracks are in the works!  Got another DnB session to show you guys fairly soon, plus some cool wintery-house stuff.  Stay tuned!

A New Outlet!

2014-04-26 16:24:57 by Alph4TG

A few days ago, I made an official Facebook page!  There, I'll be posting various things, including sneak peeks, commentary, and what's currently in my head.  Check it out!

A remix!

2014-04-24 18:52:27 by Alph4TG

I finally got around to updating my Youtube a bit (but not all the way, yet)!  I posted a re-instrumentation of a song from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and the Audio Portal rules say no midi-copies.  (technically, I did do a bit more than copy notes, but whatever)  So I've refrained from posting it there.  You can listen to it here:


2014-04-23 01:49:10 by Alph4TG

So /r/edmproduction introduced me to a pretty dang awesome site called ToneDen, where rising musicians can create their own "base of social operations," for free!  I just made mine, and you should go check it out:


2014-04-02 23:50:59 by Alph4TG

Here's a sneak of what's to come....

Coming soon!

2014-04-01 17:57:38 by Alph4TG

Currently in the works: my most vivid project yet!


Uh, hi!

2014-03-22 00:57:07 by Alph4TG

My name is Alpha, I've been making music for about 2 years now.  I've been here to NG before, but I've never had the balls to actually submit until now!  Enjoy my audio; movies and art probably not gonna be around for a while, if not ever, so.....

Love it, hate it, I'm just glad that you're here right now!  Thanks for listening!