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2015-06-07 20:46:14 by Alph4TG

i should probably talk about this, huh.

the other day i upped a song called seismic to the audio portal!  this would've been the last song i would ever post to newgrounds, except some kind strangers turned me around.  i've now resolved to not abandon this place, but just to lower its priority, if that makes any sense.  i'm probably not gonna be doing more reviews or comments anymore, but i'll still stick around to post a song or two when i remember.

as for the song......  i originally wrote it while on a "worlds rush" (see:  i loved the juxtaposition of harshness with beauty in this song, and i wanted to emulate it.  certainly it's not much compared to the master himself (mine's mostly just distortion vs. arps), but i'm proud of it nonetheless!

for those that stuck with me until now, thanks so much!  since i'm just gonna be a ghost on here now, feel free to follow me on soundcloud 'n twitter, i'm gonna be much more active over there from now on.


So long...?

2015-05-16 02:37:08 by Alph4TG

HEY!  So.  Um.  Ima just cut to the chase here: I'm thinking about leaving Newgrounds soon.  I love this site, as well as the talent that it unearths, but lately I've felt like using it has become a sort of... chore, for lack of a better term.  I suppose the "it is what you make it" principle comes into play here, since I haven't been all too active around the Portals, and quite simply, I haven't been making much out of my time here.  It might be time to step away.

I'll be sure to upload my final NG track here by the end of this month, but I'm not making any promises for the future.  Don't be surprised if I disappear for a while.


2015-04-18 20:32:05 by Alph4TG

check it out on the audio portal today!

the version uploaded to NG is a lower quality mp3.  if you want the mp3 320, use the link provided in the description!

or, if you're reading this from a future where that link's broken, you can shoot me an email and i will gladly send it over!

i hope you all enjoy this one, i'm incredibly proud of it!


2015-03-21 17:11:03 by Alph4TG
Not submitting to the portal since it's not a complete original song.  But here's a remix I did of my favorite theme from one of my favorite Pokemon games!

Anniversary songs are UP!

2015-01-24 21:39:59 by Alph4TG

Check em out!  More songs are in progress as always, so stay tuned!

HEY!  So, um.  It's late now.  Like my last news post said, I hoped to get a few new tracks up here on NG before the day's out, buuuuut it seems like that's not gonna happen.  The two tracks I did want to put on here are up on my Soundcloud, though, so you can check em out there!  I'll probably get to putting them here as soon as some free time shows up.  Sorry for any inconveniences!

New project updates!

2015-01-09 16:58:33 by Alph4TG

Sooo my 3rd year anniversary is coming up (on the 21st, to be exact.  yeah, i started making music on 1/21/12.  how cool is that?).  I don't have any particular plans to speak of, save for a remix of Soar that'll probably be going up that day.  And because it's a special day, I think I might upload another different song that day, too.  Something that's been sitting in my projects for a lil while.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  Here's to another year of audio, cheers!

Halloween Project!

2014-10-29 19:12:42 by Alph4TG

...Is done!  :D

Check em out on the Audio Portal, or you can download all 2 songs as a rar here:

A friend's remix!

2014-08-25 23:58:48 by Alph4TG

So I have a friend that plays piano.  Like, reeeeeeeeally good piano.  He actually put out an entire original album earlier this year!  This summer, I decided to start work on a remix of one of his songs, and it's DONE!  You can find it on my Soundcloud, located to the left!  Enjoy, all!

A new tune has appeared!

2014-07-31 00:38:41 by Alph4TG

"Pathways"!  Check it out here on NG, or at my Soundcloud.  Whichever suits your fancy.  Floats your boat.  'N stuff.  Yeh.